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Educational Translations

Spread knowledge in every language with our comprehensive educational translation.

Teaching and educating people can be a hard enough task on its own, never mind when there is a language barrier to deal with. It’s therefore important for educational resources to be translated accurately and professionally to ensure your content is fully understood. We have an extensive administration and project management system, and incredibly strict screening processes for our translators; this ensures that the translation of your educational documents will be completed to the highest possible quality.

By using a combination of computer translation and human translation we can ensure the finished text flows naturally and is free from any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Not only does this make your organisation incredibly professional, but it also aids the teaching process by ensuring students do not misunderstand vital information.

To expand the reach of your knowledge into countries all over the world, use Kickwords International to translate your educational materials.

* Some operations are handled from our Eastern European offices, both in Chisinau, Moldova and Lviv, Ukraine.

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