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Legal & Financial Translations

High levels of accuracy for impeccable legal and financial translations.

Conducting business on a global level can be incredibly complicated, but what makes it even harder is language barriers, particularly when it comes to legal and financial documents which tend to be filled with industry-specific jargon. In order to prevent errors on highly important documents, choose Kickwords as your translator and allow our team of highly qualified linguists to transform text with incredibly accuracy.

Due to our comprehensive administration and project management system, we can efficiently manage the translation of a vast range of your legal documents quickly and professionally. Whether it is a series of employment contracts for a new overseas department, invoices to be submitted to foreign customers, or financial statements to share amongst your international shareholders, our combination of computer and human translators can ensure that every single detail and clause is translated to the highest quality.

For complete peace of mind that your legal and financial documents are perfect in every language, contact Kickwords International now for a free quote.

* Some operations are handled from our Eastern European offices, both in Chisinau, Moldova and Lviv, Ukraine.

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